The Tech on the Hero Super Splendor XTEC : All You Need to Know

The Hero Super Splendor XTEC is a popular commuter motorcycle known for its reliability and fuel efficiency. But what makes it tick? How does it score high on technology, something you rarely find in other two-wheelers in its segment? Our focus today will be to explore the various technological elements on this bike and see how it proves to be one of the best choices for customers.

This blog delves into the technology powering the Hero Super Splendor XTEC, explaining how it contributes to performance, safety, comfort, and overall rider experience.

Let’s start with the Super Splendor XTEC specifications.

#1 - A Powerful Engine and Exceptional Performance

The Hero Super Splendor XTEC boasts a 124.7cc air-cooled, 4-stroke, Single cylinder engine. This air-cooled engine delivers an excellent peak power of 10.7 bhp @ 7500 rpm and 10.6 Nm of maximum torque @ 6000 rpm, translating to smooth performance in city commutes.

#2 - Fuel Efficiency That Trumps Most

The Super Splendor XTEC is like many of Hero’s motorcycles, keeping the fuel economy bar high. Hero's patented fuel-saving i3S technology automatically stops the engine at red lights or in traffic, reducing fuel wastage. This system seamlessly restarts the engine upon clutch release, offering a balance between efficiency and convenience.

The Super Splendor XTEC boasts an impressive claimed mileage of 69 kmpl (as per third party testing under standard conditions), making it a fuel-efficient choice for cost-conscious riders.

#3 - Keeping You Safe

The Hero Super Splendor XTEC also ensures rider safety through many of its features. Here's a look at the tech behind its key safety features:

  • Disc Brakes: The bike has a variant that comes with disc brakes on the front wheel, ensuring enhanced rider safety in emergencies.
  • LED Headlight with HIPL: The LED headlight comes with HIPL (High Intensity Position Lamp) allowing you to comfortably see the road ahead and ride with peace of mind.
  • Side-stand Engine Cut-off: This feature prevents you from accidents in case you start the bike when the side stand is down.

#4 - Comfort and Convenience

Being a commuter motorcycle first and foremost, the Hero Super Splendor XTEC price gives you a bike that is high on comfort and makes every ride convenient.

  1. Fully digital speedometer: Displays vital information like speed, fuel level, and trip meters for a clear and informative riding experience.
  2. USB charging port: Allows riders to conveniently charge their devices on the go.
  3. Bluetooth connectivity: Enables receiving call and message alerts on the instrument cluster, promoting safe riding practices.

#5 - Maintenance and Durability

The Hero Super Splendor XTEC is built to last. The tubular diamond frame ensures that your bike handles well in every condition. Tubeless tyres further add to the reliability factor of this commuter bike. Plus, regular servicing and the use of recommended engine oil will help in the bike’s smooth operation and extend the engine's life.

A Machine High on Technology

The Hero Super Splendor XTEC goes beyond a basic commuter motorcycle. By incorporating modern technology, Hero has effectively addressed aspects like fuel efficiency, safety, comfort, and convenience.

By understanding the technology behind the Hero Super Splendor XTEC, you can gain a deeper appreciation for the bike's capabilities and make informed decisions that enhance your overall riding experience.