Target Key Areas For Maximum Impact


Though according to some estimates today IT contributes to around 2-3% of Global Carbon Emissions and we need to control that, IT has the potential and power to impact the remaining 97-98% as well. The critical element in this entire journey is the Green IT intervention strategy where everyone agrees on plan on areas where IT could influence the environment.



Actions Speak Louder Than Plans


Here are some Green IT Initiatives that we have taken or are underway at Hero MotoCorp:

  • Green IT as a focus area in the IT Policy
  • New, energy efficient datacenter with power management features
  • Virtualization and server consolidation
  • Use of TFTs in place of CRTs for displays
  • Reduction of printers
  • Video conferencing/Collaboration tools - to reduce travel
  • Buying of energy certified equipment - replacing old inefficient equipment
  • Creating Awareness in organisation
    • Converting our paper based customer loyalty program to an online card based program
    • Cutting down on printing of cheques in a big way and going for electronic fund transfer
    • Digitization of workflows needing approvals
    • Using digital signatures and sending documents electronically to partners


Reaping Benefits


Implementing Green IT initiatives benefits not only the environment but the enterprise as well. Here are some positive outcomes that we saw after embarking on our Green IT mission:

  • Focus on Green IT provided excellent means for opportunity to care for the society and environment.
  • For the employees, it gave a sense of satisfaction and ownership as they feel that they are also trying to contribute at their level in saving the environment.
  • Many initiatives also helped to improve productivity in the organisation - e.g. video conferencing, workflow automation, customer loyalty program automation, electronic transfer of funds, digital signatures etc.
  • Green IT has helped the IT team in day to day management - e.g. number of servers to be managed reduced as we used virtualization, or number of printers to be managed have reduced.
  • There were direct savings in power consumption and cost thereof - whether at datacenter or at user end it was not just considering power consumption by equipment but also considering lower heat generation as the room requires reduced air-conditioning.
  • Other savings include space, power and administrative cost savings at the datacenter, reduced paper consumption costs, etc.

Today doing our bit for protecting the environment is something that touches every heart at Hero MotoCorp and each and every employee is trying to contribute to this initiative for a cleaner, greener planet.